Mr. Fuller opens Fuller Supply Company

Fuller Supply Company continues to build its successes under the stewardship of the Bednarek family. The original Mr. Fuller opened the wholesale distribution company in 1933 offering hardware, plumbing materials, water well pumps, welding services and everything else a Depression Era Michigander could use. His partner, Richard Jewell, soon became his full-time successor.


Richard Jewell offers Fuller Supply Company to Thomas Bednarek

After 30 years of being a pump specialty house, the time came for Jewell to hand off the business. Lacking an heir, Jewell offered Fuller Supply Company’s auditing CPA, Thomas Bednarek (far right of the picture), who accepted and became sole owner in 1966. Fuller Supply Company later narrowed its broad services from plumbing, sinks, and bathrooms into a more specialized water well supply house. Thomas eventually dropped the plumbing business in the late 1960s, and by the early 1970s, Bednarek focused on water well supplies, like sewage and environmental cleanup pumps and water treatment.


Phil Bednarek Starts Working

Thomas’ son, Phil, started working for Fuller Supply in 1974 when he was still in high school. Phil did whatever he could to help his dad run the business, even if it was as the janitor. Ten years later, Phil, already a Michigan State University graduate and member of Blackmer Pump’s engineering department, returned to Fuller Supply full time.


Alex Bednarek becomes Vice President

Phil Bednarek joined the management team in 1983, eventually becoming president and majority stockholder. Not soon after it was Phil’s son, Alex, who was working through school in 2011 only to pursue an excellent education at Grand Valley State University as well as joining the Air Force, all before becoming the current Fuller Supply Company Vice President in 2017.


Our staff is part of our family

Our long-term staff is part of our family, including Mark Postma, who is a second-generation service & warehouse technician. Their knowledge and expertise is what fuels Fuller Supply Company to be the best pump specialists in the area.

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