Frequently Asked Questions


What is Fuller Supply Company's focus?

We specialize in the water well market and accessories.

Do you sell to home owners?

No, but we can suggest a preferred contractor in your area. We are wholesale distributor and sell to contractors only.

What industries do you provide for?

Water well, Environmental well, Remediation, Pressure boosting, Irrigation, Sprinkling, Water Filtration, Wastewater, Sewage, Dewatering, Geothermal, and many more.

What other services do you offer?

We will help size for pumps, piping systems, and friction head loss. We can cut and thread pipe.  We can also test pumps in our well pit. Ask about our same day delivery service for account holders.

Do you carry any specialty products?

Yes, we sell a 2″ plastic pump by Proactive that runs on a 12v battery for sampling. As well as our Yaskawa variable frequency drives that will run single phase or 3 phase powered motors from 1/2HP to over 1,000HP.

As a registered contractor, do I need an account to purchase from Fuller Supply Company?

No, we can accept cash, checks, MasterCard/Discover/Visa no American Express.

How do I open an account?

Either in person at our store, or fill out our application online. Provide references and have a corporate officer sign.

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Can you drop ship a product directly to my location?

Within the state of Michigan. Please call for outside of state shipments.

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