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–Charts & Calcs–
Wednesday, May 23

This page contains links to several helpful charts, calculations and reference materials that may help you better use our products.  Each link will open a new window and some charts will require left and right scrolling to view the entire chart.

We hope you find this information helpful!

Common Terminology & Conversions

The meaning of abbreviations.  Some handy calculations and conversions.

Pipe Specifications
  This table provides Pipe sizes and corresponding Outside Diameter, Wall Thickness, and Weight per foot values.

Chlorine Treatment Table

Determine the proper amount of Chlorine to add based on tank size and PPM desired.

PSI Conversion
  Table provides easy conversion of PSI to FT. HD.

Acid Related

Selection of Active Acid
Percentage of Active Acid
NW 310 Application
NW 310 Usage

Screen & Slot Openings
  Mesh, Inches and Microns
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